Rental Kitchen Gets MUCH Needed Makeover

by DIY Maven
Rental Kitchen Disaster
Photo: Creative Living

Usually around the Curbly neighborhood, we talk about renters who are itching to make improvements to their space. Well, in this case, we're talking about a landlord who was itching to make improvements to her rental property. Katie, the property's owner, was faced with a--let's face it--disaster in the kitchen

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Round Up: 10 Fun and Fruity Summer Cocktails

by Stephanie Lee
10 fun and fruity summer cocktails
Photo: My Domaine

I love summer cocktails; they bring to mind all sorts of happy memories like summer parties, poolside holidays and evenings out on rooftop bars. Truth be told, I love summer drinks so much that I have a list of recipes longer than my arm because I just can't stop saving them to my Pinterest boards! Call it an addiction if you will, but my collection comes in very handy on a warm weekend and especially at parties. :) 

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10 Things To Do With A Throw Rug Before You Throw It Out

by Lexy Ward
10 Things To Do With A Rug Before Throwing It Out
Photo: John Doe

We have about 10 rugs in our home at the moment. Those are the ones on display. And then I have a handful that I can't part with, but they don't go with our style in our new place. They're just collecting dust in storage so I thought I'd research ways to incorporate them into our pad in some way before getting rid of them! Here are 10 things you can and should try before parting ways with your old rugs! 

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10 Online Interior Style Quizzes That Are Actually Worth Your Time

by Jennifer Farley

10 online Interior Style Quizzes

Pinterest can sometimes be like putting your face in front of a fire hydrant gushing with design styles. Online style quizzes can really help you navigate your style and why you like certain Pinterest Pins. Since online E-design has come into its own, there are many more design style quizzes out there. For you (and to selfishly feed my design style quizz addiction) I took a lot of them, and I here to let you know which ones are worth your time, and share my favorites.

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