How To: Make Dramatic PVC Uplights

by DIY Maven
Dramatic PVC Uplights
Photo: Dremel Weekends

Our friends over at Dremel Weekends feature this absolutely lovely trio of uplights made of PVC. They look great with white interiors, but I'm wondering what they might've looked like sprayed on the inside, perhaps with something metallic like gold.

Besides the PVC pipe and a roto tool and bits (preferably Dremel, of course), other things we'll need to make them include spotlights, clamps...

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Roundup: 10 Online Shops For Affordable Art

by Lexy Ward
10 Shops For Affordable Art
photo: Society 6

It's a fact that art just makes a space feel cozier. You can bring a bit of your personality and flair to your home by just putting up some prints on the walls. I LOVE having art all over our house, but don't always have the dollar bills to fund my obsession. But there are some shortcuts! I've rounded up 10 cool online shops to buy prints from designers, artists, photographers, and more that range from the cheap, cheap (think $17!) to tastefully affordable ($225)! Check them out below! 

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How to: Cut Bamboo Romans Shades to Fit Your Window

by Jennifer Farley

How To Cut Bamboo Roman Shade

I love the look of white trim and bamboo roman shades, but the problem is my window sizes are anything but standard. Custom bamboo roman shades are expensive, but the store-bought version can actually be affordable window treatments. The problem is getting them to work for those of us who have non-standard window sizes. The obvious solution is to cut them, but when you inquire about that possibility, you'll hear every reason why you shouldn't. But, guess what? I am here to tell you it is possible to cut store-bought bamboo roman shades to fit your windows perfectly. Read on to find our how!  

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Round Up: 8 Clever Ways to Repurpose Items for use in your Garden

by Stephanie Lee
8 Clever Ways to Repurpose Items for use in your Garden
Photo: Creative Savings

I've been looking to do a bit of work on my garden lately - it's one of the areas of our house that gets largely neglected with weeds and trees running rampant everywhere (shh, don't tell anyone; we don't even have any garden furniture!).

And since I started researching garden DIYs, I noticed there were a lot of really clever ways to repurpose old unwanted items and give them new life as planters, furniture or general garden decoration. Curious to know more? See below for some of my top picks!

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