Eye Candy: 10 Stylish Spaces to Soothe Your Wanderlust

by Faith Towers
Eye Candy: 10 Stylish Spaces to Soothe Your Wanderlust
Photo: House Beautiful

You know the feeling... everyone you know seems to be off traveling the world, while you're stuck at home thanks to time or budget restraints. Don't panic - because you can create your own worldly space right in your own home. Check out these ten incredible rooms that are sure to soothe your wanderlust and inspire you to add some unique mementos to your home.   

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Curbly Original
Make It: Printable Cheeky Luggage Tags

by Stephanie Lee

Printable cheeky luggage tags

I was at the airport the other day waiting for my bag to come out of the carousel and after what seemed like ages, I finally spied my little black suitcase. Just as I was going to grab it, someone else picked it up.

My first thought was a territorial 'get your hands off my bag!' (don't worry, I didn't say it out loud. And really, why I was being so protective of my dirty laundry is beyond me).

My second thought (after I'd hurriedly retrieved my bag) was a silent admission that my black wheeled case looked just like every other black wheeled case circling around that carousel.

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How To: Pack Your Kid For Summer Camp

by Jennifer Farley

How To Pack for Camp

It's summer time and some of you might be getting your kid ready to go to summer camp. A little-known fact about me: before working with renovations and real estate, I worked at a summer camp ... for over a decade! Random right? This summer my eight-year old is going to that same camp, and I'm excitedly getting him ready. As I was packing I thought I'd share some tips I use to pack up my kiddo, based on my experiences working at camp.         

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My Favorite Styling Accessories

by Alicia Lacy
Photo: Melissa Oholendt

Room makeovers are my bread and butter. On Curbly, we feature lots of DIYs and small projects, but the most satisfying work Bruno and I do are makeovers. And – if I can just run with the bread and butter analogy  – I will add that the jam to the room makeover is the styling, staging, and photographing of the space. With that, my friends, comes the need for accessories.

It occurred to me...

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