Styling and Photography Workshop (Join us in this October in Minneapolis!)

by Bruno Bornsztein
Photos: Gabriel Cabrera

This November will mark ten years since we launched Curbly (woah). And in all that time I think it's fair to say we've learned a few things (please, please don't go back and look at some of our early blog posts, photos, or videos). So this fall, we're trying something new: we're announcing our first-ever photography workshop. We're teaming up with our friend (and ridiculously-good photographer and...

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Curbly Original
A Simple DIY Record Console And A Peek Inside Our New Studio

by Alicia Lacy

For the last two months we've been running non-stop on the design treadmill trying to get our new studio ready for its debut. We've replaced floors, demolished walls, painted, and done a handful of unconventional cosmetic fixes in order to get the space in 'blank slate' order. From there, came a two-week self-imposed game of "which design road should we take today", as we've slowly cobbled things together. The good news is that we're...

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Roundup: 20 DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Materials

by DIY Maven

20 DIY projects using reclaimed materials feature image

Is there anything more rewarding in the DIY world than using reclaimed materials to make something? Seriously. A dejected object on a layover to a landfill is spotted by a keen eye. The object is swooped up and turned into something marvelous, getting a second chance on life and love. (We should all be so lucky.) The reclaimed materials featured in these 20 projects were the main characters of such fairytales. They now act as...

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