Round Up: 8 Great Indoor Plants that you Totally Won't Kill

by Stephanie Lee
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Photo: The Blackbird

As I'm sure we're all aware by now, I have the world's WORST brown thumb. I've been known to commit plantslaughter with hardy creatures like mint and calathea that other people swear are impossible to kill. So I thought I'd put together a list of the plants that have shared a house with me and survived against all odds. I consider them my 'go-to hardy houseplants' - if they've thrived with me and my brown thumb, then they can live through anything!

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EYE CANDY: Ways To Bring The Garden Indoors

by Lexy Ward

It's a proven fact that plants just make a person feel happier. In my own home, there are several large plants in the main gathering spots and people tend to gravitate toward those spaces naturally. Whether you live in a large home or a tiny apartment, there are ways to bring the garden indoors! From wall plants to a mini succulent garden, you can totally enjoy all that plants have to offer in almost any space! 

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Unrecognizable $180K Kitchen Remodel

by DIY Maven
J A S Design Build kitchen remodel before
Photo: J A S Design Build

Yes, I know we usually feature kitchen remodels of the DIY variety, but this pro job by J A S Design Build out of Seattle, WA, was too juicy not to share. But before we see the "after" let me warn you, perspective has changed completely, so we really have to take the word of J A S that this is even the same space. That's because not only is the vantage point of the photographs are different, J A S

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Curbly Original
Make it: Patterned Cork Coasters

by Stephanie Lee

DIY Patterned Cork Coasters

When I shared my favourite designers with you the other day, I wasn't kidding when I said they're a big influence on the way I decorate my home. In fact, today's DIY is a direct result of their colourful, geometric loving ways - after browsing through their works as I wrote my last post, I felt like I just had to add some bold shades and patterns to my next DIY. And here we are!

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