Do You Know the Password?

by Bruno Bornsztein

No. (Sorry, obscure reference to a book in which the protagonist is trying to hack into a computer, tries eleven-thousand combinations, and then out of frustration realizes that the password is 'No').

 Anyway, you know how combination locks are infuriating because you never remember the combination? Well, this word-based combination lock from Staples looks a lot more promising. And since the stuff you keep behind a combo-lock is never that...

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Build A Modern Bed

by Vintage Swank

In responce to a question posted on Curbly, here is how to build an inexpensive but still very modern bed. 

You can achieve a nice low bed with a very simple design. You could simply build a square frame that rests on the floor at the desired height by using 8x8. This would give you a nice 8 inch rise off the floor you could even go with 8x6 or 8x4 if you want real low. Cut the length to be a bit smaller than the mattress so you can create a nice...

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Inexpensive Low beds

by Alttext
Why is it that all the beds I see that are low to the ground, modern, and minimalist are $3000? Anyone seen any cheaper ones? How about ideas for crafting a bed like these for a lot less. I really like this bed from Design Within (read Just out of) Reach but would like something a bit lower to the ground. I almost want to just put my mattress on the floor, but think that lacks a certain element of style I am looking for. Any ideas would be...

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going to my happy place ...

by Ckilgore

With my spirit animals (aka my family).







norah has a snack

The living room is what made us buy the house we have now. i guess current terminology would call it a "great room," which it is, you know, great, don't get me wrong. But "great room" sounds so massive and unfriendly. Our living room may not be great in the classical sense, but it is definitely the room we live in.




ethan tries out his new bike in the living room

When we moved in we found the original plans for the house and could see that it...

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A Room With A Barnyard View

by DIY Maven

Actually, the view from this window-turned-mirror is not limited to livestock. But creating it does require you to take a walk on the rural side. Less the manure.

Cold Hard Sash

First, you’ll need to find yourself a wooden barn sash window. The only place that I know of that sells these things locally, is Menards. They offer a variety of sizes including 4 and 6 paned sashes for 28 to 40 bucks. For this project I opt for a 6'er.

Next, ease the...

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Easy Photo Wall on a Shoestring ... er, Wire, Budget

by Alttext

created at: 03/27/2013

A couple years ago I attended a play at The Theater in the Round in Minneapolis (really bad site) and in the lobby they had this cool system for hanging cast bios and other info that consisted of wire, pulled taut across a span, in this case from floor to ceiling, with small hardware holding some photos and glass in place.   

I inspected it and it seemed like something I could do at home.  So next time I was at the hardware store I...

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