Fun Fabric

by Heylucy

I'm about to paint my guest house all white inside and I have two built-in (poorly made, but very solid) bookcases which I am using to store fabric and other creative supplies. I want to hang curtains in front of them to cover up the clutter, but I'm having a hard time finding just the right fabric. Because they will be a large portion of the room, covering almost an entire wall, I want something really unique and interesting. My fabric choice...

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My Breakfast Table

by Megapickles

The Breakfast Table

Originally uploaded by themarkpike.

Natural light sets the table just right.

This is where I eat waffles in the morning and read about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

I'm a law student and I need a clean place to spread out with my books and get my learn on. This table, a family heirloom, makes me happy... especially when the sun is shining on a warm cup of coffee.

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Simple, Sustainable Living - 5 Easy Steps

by Benmoore

DIY-Maven had a great post on dinky dwellings a couple days ago.  I thought it was pretty cool, so I emailed simple-living guru, Gregory Johnson, and asked him to join!  He's now one of the most proflic people on Curbly.  Go check him out!

I decided ask him how we can apply some of his techniques to our own lives, even if we're not ready to downsize to a tumbleweed (his house is 140 square feet!). 


Gregory, most people on Curbly probably aren't...

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Current projects

by W0rldviolation

I am working on getting my bedroom and bathroom in shape. I currently rent a spacious 1 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and two cats. 

Color scheme and style for bedroom: Grey-blue, black and silver. I use a warm blue color so that the room doesn't appear to be too cold.  The style will be retro modern.

Color scheme and style for bathroom: The floor I cannot change, but it is a funky 70's style pattern. I am going to go off that and use lime...

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Affordable Modern Platform Bed

by Creede

Affordable Modern Platform Bed

Half inspiration and half "How To" this post will show you how I made an affordable modern platform bed for under $300.

Design.  This is where you should spend a good deal of time.  There are a lot of things that go into the design process, including, but not limited to: the space your bed goes into, your budget, your handyman skills, green products or not.  You get the point.  This particular project shown above was for a good friend.  The budget...

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