My Happy Sleeping Loft

by Gregoryjohnson

My happy sleeping loft is where I sleep, meditate, do Yoga, and awaken in the morning to the sunrise and birds singing, or fall asleep at night to the sound of crickets. The smooth pine wood reflects the pure sunlight in many directions. When open, the window allows fresh highly-oxygenated air to flow through. During those times when when life gets very luxurious, I might even take a nap in the sleeping loft. It's also a great place for relaxing...

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Door: DIAF

by W0rldviolation

Currently the main problem with the bathroom is doing something suitable with this door that leads to a closet for the water heater:

I received several ideas on the SaucyHelp community on Livejournal, including:  Getting a bamboo roman shade to cover it, full sized poster or wallpaper, curtains across the wall itself, removing the door and putting in a curtain.

I will be going with the bamboo roman shade idea for now, mostly because it will fit...

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Bendy shelving with cable management?

by 3stripe

I'm looking for some kind of shelving system to go on my hallway wall, beside the main door, that will liven up the space a bit. Eventually I'm hoping to strip the carpet back to the floorboards but not just yet...

My hallway

The shelving should go from about shoulder height down to the ground I think... and the depth of it must be kept to a minimum as the hallway is not that wide.

It also needs some kind of cable management because I want my cordless phone...

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California Living

by Omgcordelia

Though I currently live in a very nice dorm, and will be living in it for at least 1 more year [probably 2], i'm keeping me eye out for nice places to live in SoCal that aren't too expensive. 

That's nigh impossible. 

Just out of curiosity, I asked my boyfriend what he currently pays for his one bedroom apartment-- it's pretty nice. kitchen, bathroom, dining area, living room, balcony, laundry room... but I feel so cramped in it. So I checked out...

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Turn an old book into a photo frame

by Ckilgore

Here's a super-simple project to turn an old book into a creative frame I saw at fototiller . My dad is an English professor and I will definitely have to make a couple of these for christmas gifts.


book frame

  1. Find an old book with a cool cover - check out the dollar/free bins of books at used bookstores. You want to find an old book with a sturdy cover that will look good with a frame cut out of it.
  2. On the inside of the front cover, trace around the photo...

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This is what home looks like.

by Modhousewife

I stepped out of the bedroom mere moments before my husband came home last night, late because he was playing a gig. Have you ever looked at something in a different way and had it look almost foreign to you? I do that in our house a lot. I’ll come through the front door or stand at a different corner of a room and try to see it with fresh eyes, as someone coming here for the first time would. How would it look? Welcoming? Cluttered? Hazardous...

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Decent vanity light fixture?

by Ckilgore

Currently I am lucky enough to have a vanity area outside our bathroom, but it has one of those butt -ugly
hollywood lighting strips above it. I like the amount of bright, even light it provides, but  it is totally horrendous. My wish list is that it has to be inexpensive (under $100) clean-lined and still provide good light. I am pretty handy, so DIY solutions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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