Drawers to Walls: Earring Frame!

by Beccajo

As a jewelry designer, I end up with a LOT of earrings that don't sell. That's fine with me, they end up becoming part of my own accessories wardrobe! But I need a good way to store them that keeps them from getting tangled or lost.

I used to have a chest of drawers with a top pullout section for jewerly, but I really prefer being able to see all my choices at once. 

What to do, what to do?!?!?!       

Behold-the Earring Frame!

I built this one...

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The Fix Its: How To Revive Your Dining Room Chairs

by Bruno Bornsztein

Are your dining room chairs on their last legs? Mine were. They were already looking bad three years ago when I bought them for $40 at a thrift store. Well, this weekend, Alicia and I decided we'd had enough:

Thanks for watching our first-ever installment of 'The Fix Its' (that's me and Alicia); we plan on doing lots more. If you have a suggestion for a project or a topic you'd like us to...

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Boontje Hunter

by Beccajo

That's right. Just call me Becca Fett. 


After a lovely post-birthday lunch (it was just this past Tuesday, by the way) with my good friend Andrea, we found ourselves at the door of a cute little shop called 'Quince' in St. Paul MN. Now this store is about 1/2 a mile from my house. And I had NO idea they carried any of my boy Tord's products. But guess who snapped up TWO Garland light shades?  I got one silver and one chrome, which...

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Color Quest: Underwater World

by Beccajo

Blue Planet 

Went to one of my favorite sites this AM, Cuteoverload.com and found this gorgeous picture of turtle kisses. Of course, if you've seen my mural pics, you know I have a thing for the world just beyond the surface of the nearest big body of water. Growing up in Minnesota, can you blame me?

What amazing colors. The cooler colors have always appealed to me in home decor, clothing, and art, they are just so restful and soothing. There's...

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The King (of Kitsch) Has Left the Building

by DIY Maven

On November 1st 2006, the original pink plastic flamingo was slatted for extinction. Due to rising production costs, its manufacturer, Union Products of Leominster, MA decided to put an end to its life.

The Birth of an Icon

Born in 1957 to its creator Don Featherstone, the plastic birds have become the symbol of kitsch. To read more about the man and his bird, read Mr. Featherstone’s book, The Original Pink Flamingos: Slendor on the Grass. Mr...

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