Happy Kitchen Corner

by Frangrit

Happy Kitchen Corner

A bright, cheerful corner of my kitchen features some of my favorite objects, including the soft, bright Marimekko pillow and the fun Domo Kun. Next to it, a small table is stocked with books and stuffed monsters. This is the best place to sit while the sun is shining, and breeze swishing the curtains around, particularly if you've got a slice of homemade bread to munch on.

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My apartment

by Juehoe

Since 3 years I am living in an apartment near the town of Thun. The apartment is located in a new apartment house, built to the Swiss MINERGIE standard. My annual heating cost are below CHF 200 (US$ 160).

The internal layout and colours were chosen with the help of a interior architect.


view from living room towards kitchen
glass wall between living room and sleeping room
glass wall between living room and sleeping room
terrace with wooden floor (larch)

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Happy office

by Sassmouth
While we hang out a lot in our livingroom, I often find myself upstairs doing work in our den.  The best part is even though I might be techincally working, the bright colors and fun objects I've chosen make this a happy room to be in. One wall has an giant atari game going on thanks to Blik graphics and the rest of the room has lots of fun nerdy things like nostalgic video game flyers or even some 80's video game inspired paintings! It really is...

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Do-it-yourselfers coming out of the woodwork...

by Gregoryjohnson

A Google News search on "DIY home" without quotes currently results in 602 stories. However, this number is anticipated to rise in the weeks and months ahead as the DIY movement expands.

According to an article in today's Times Leader of Northeastern Pennsylvania, do-it-yourselfers are coming out of the woodwork. "The homeowners most likely to strap on tool belts are middle-class types who have enough money to pay for high-quality materials and...

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"Mobile" Home - a mobile made from old CDs

by Gregoryjohnson

Now that cassettes, LPs, and even CDs have become obsolete, what are we to do with them? DIY Maven came up with a very creative solution for making use of old LPs. So, here's a suggestion of what to do with some of those old CDs: make a mobile out of them!

What You Need

  • some old CDs, about 8 to 10 should do unless you are really ambitious
  • string, fishing line, or strong thread
  • thin sticks, chopsticks might work
  • glue, to keep the...

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Bird is the Word

by Beccajo

Birds have been a popular motif in home decorating for quite some time, raise your had if your parents had a macrame owl on the wall back in the day. Birds tend to lend themselves very well to winter decor, something about the weather turning colder and wanting to hunker in your nest, perhaps?  I'm going to hit the after-sales this year and stock up on birdy ornaments and accessories.

Here are some easy and elegant ways to introduce the avian...

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New Life for Old LP

by DIY Maven

For a great recycling project, how about turning an old LP into a bowl? If you’ve already hauled your vinyl to the curb, don’t worry. Thrift stores and charity sales almost always have some records they need to get rid of.

What You Need

An old LP or two

An oven-proof bowl (I used stainless steel mixing bowls for this project)

Oven mitts



The Proceedure

1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.

2. Center your LP over the inverted bowl, as shown.


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Anything=Modern Art

by Moonpost

After reading Beccajo's post about Trees=Modern Art, I scanned through my photo archives and came up with some other elements that can make interesting or even striking artwork through symmetry and color manipulation. From trees and flowers, to rocks, leaves, glass, graffiti, lights and airplanes.

I've posted some of them in my photo gallery. I'm interested in feedback. If anyone wants a full-size print made, talk to me.

How is this done? Read...

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