New Bathroom Window

by Creede
Dsc 0011-2
Dsc 0020-4
Just when you thought I was out of walls to knock down. I finally got around to installing our Milgard window in our bathroom. It (like many of our projects) has been sitting in our living room for almost a month now. I didn't really plan on making hole quite that big, but some of the old sheathing was water damaged from the poor installation of the previous window. I ended up just ripping it all out, framing in a new wall and...

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We have a new phone.

by Creede
Lets face it, land lines are on their way out. Most of my friends, and family don't have land lines, they just rely on their cell phones for everything. Since my wife and I have been married, we have never had a landline. Unfortunately that can make for some expensive cell phone bills. So in an effort to save some minutes, especially with the holidays coming up, we got a Skype phone. For those who don't know Skype it is an "over the...

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Big Art Love

by DIY Maven

A fellow Curbly poster recently raised a question concerning large, vacant walls void of not only art but color. This is such a common complaint, the query seemed to deserve a post all of its own.

Filling vast wall spaces with multiple framed pieces of art can be expensive, and the busy look might not be what you’re going for. So how about one big piece of art? Still too expensive you say? Read on you doubting Thomasinas....

It’s a Frame Up!

For a...

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Craftsmanship and Style

by Vintage Swank

It's not all that often you come across a new art form, and sometimes you just find an old art form given a new spin on life. That is defiantly the case with this great site we came across recently called 

Badgemaker Deluxe is a small one woman business who designs and makes custom chrome badges for your car, truck, scooter, motorcycle, trailer or even just to hang on the wall. Reminiscent of the days of quality vintage...

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The $3 Table Project

by Myaimistrue

Last October I went yard sale-ing and found a $3 table. The guy had a sign on it, "cute table for your LPs." I thought, okay yeah. It literally fell apart when he put it in my car. He gave me some wood glue and I gave him $3.



I picked up some sandpaper and primer from Lowes and took it home. I wanted to think about the paint color a little bit so I planned to get that the next day. I took it completely apart and sanded and primed it, then left it...

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Best Vintage and resale in Washington DC

by Vintage Swank

Best Vintage and Resale in Washington DC
Vintage Swank has been recognized by Washington’s CBS affiliate, W*USA 9, in the first annual "A-List" competition as the "Best Vintage and Resale in Washington DC."  

“We were ecstatic to see the great comments our customers wrote about their experiences with Vintage Swank. The strong show of support they demonstrated helped confirm that you don’t have to be in a trendy neighborhood to offer the best quality and selection to your customers,” said...

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Trees=Modern Art

by Beccajo

You can never have too much art, in my opinion. But you SHOULD make sure you don't spend too much on it. I made my friend Syrina take some snaps of trees today, 'cause I can't find my digicam. :(

Her instructions were to take photos of branches against the sky, so that at least two sides of the frame were sky and two sides were filled with branches.

I liked this one best. Shows off our chilly Minnesota sky perfectly!

I re-sized it to 6x4.5, and made...

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MN Artist: Amy Rice

by Bruno Bornsztein

Art Moco has a cool interview with Minnesota artist Amy Rice

Minnesota artist and print-maker Amy Rice


What is your favorite part of the creative process and why?

When I have had an idea for a painting or a series floating around in my head for awhile that is somewhat vague and then BOOM I totally know how I will do it and then there is an almost immediate BANG, BOOM, BANG and I have to grab a pen and start writing it down/sketching it out and it’s so clear. From then on it’s all...

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