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Comments - 8 Flea Market Chair Makeovers

Oh these all make me want to get busy redoing the piles, yes piles, of chairs I have waiting to be prettied up. Thanks for the inspiration Maven!

I can't decide what chair I like best they all have charm. The little bistro chairs are darling and would be too sweet as a vanity chair. The rocker on a front porch (with some comfy pillows) summerdays!  I love the miss matched dinning chairs, and the old office chairs, (though I don't care for the fabric) what a way to brighten them up. In all great designs, Thanks, Mave

I'm just glad I wasn't seeing things or if they had done that big a change I wanted to now how? This one makes more sense. Thanks for the fix and the inspiration. EJ


(The right before is even goofier than the wrong before.)

EJ--DOH!! I grabbed the wrong pic!!! I will rectify. THANK YOU for your sharp eye. ;)

OK...Is it me or are the second set of chairs not the same chair? Not only is the wood trim different but the leg are different

Otherwise I really have hope for my projects that are languishing. Flea Market here I come!

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