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Comments - Before and After: $100 Bathroom Makeover Idea

At Home Dept and I'm sure Lowe's as well, look in their paint section as they have products that you can buy to repaint your countertops, tile, cabinets,etc. While they aren't cheap it is a lot cheaper to do these products than to buy new.  I am going to try the countertop product on my new house as it would be too expensive to replace them.

If you look at her site, it's actually a flat wall with FAKE TILES. Just a heads up. No silver bullet solution yet.

I am curious how she sealed the tiles after the initial etching with Lime Paint. I ask becasue the website states that the resulting surface is porous and allows moisture to pass through-not ideal for a bathroom. Would love to resurface my "dirty-pink" tiled bathroom but the tile is in the shower as well. 

YOU MADE MY LIFE!  I love this!  I'm using this in my whole house.  This is exactly the industrial chic that I'm looking for!  Long live Curbly!

I love it! I would use it!

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