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Comments - Planning a DIY Princess Party (Not in a Package)

Thanks, Emma! Jackson's party sounds perfect. Oh, if only Ayla could have a non-winter birthday! A big hug to you and your guys.


Nice work Alicia! What a rad party this will be - perfect blend of princess and awesomeness! Last September we didn't really go with a themed party for Jackson, just the park, cupcakes, snacks and tie-dye shirts. It was a lot of fun with 4 yr olds and wasn't too messy. Some prep was taken but it was fun, and I got help from Langhan Dee at Wet Paint! Anyway, great job mama! Happy Birthday Ayla!

Thanks, KeLLy aNN! We're pretty exited for the party. I love your son's party theme; Tin Tin/Indiana Jones are a great combination. I hope it's a blast!

I absolutely LOVE when parental units take the time to make a homemade party.

We do art projects,  plants {such as paperwhite bulbs in a cup} as party favors,  we switch things up like having Ice Cream Sundaes with a side of Neopolitan cake.  For our 11  year old, it looks like a Tin Tin/ Indiana Jones type birthday this year including a zip line that he's been asking for.  I love the jello boats and have included it in his party list.

I remember the home parties from my childhood more than anything else.

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