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Comments - How to: Make a Fun and Festive Space-Saving Christmas Tree

Awesome idea for small apartments like mine! :) Added a small spotlight (from Ikea) above my tree - makes a world of a difference! 

Blessed Christmas everybody! :)


Oh I loved this idea! Thanks for sharing. It turned out even better than I hoped. I also stole the books for a trunk idea. I ended up addding lights to brighten up the corner it was in.

Finished Tree with Lights

Finished Tree without Lights

I tried this out too, and it turned out super cute! Also, I found the paper in the party/gift wrap section at AC Moore, but they only had a darker green, just in case anyone else is looking. 

Hi  guys, 

thanks for this great idea of the x-mas tree. 

here how mine look like. 


It looks so good Magdalena! Thanks for sharing the link. I love that you added Christmas tree lights to it. Makes it even more festive! Great job.

Thanks for this tutorial! I've just fininshed making my own tree, you can see it here if you want.

sru other ideas?

other ideas?


This is so cute! Would be great for those creative types who live in small spaces or may be even at schools and let the children help make it.

Neat project! Excellent space saver and it would be a fun backdrop for pics. Merry Days! :)

Hey Britney. I got the tissue paper at hobby lobby and the tissue color would best be described as mint colored. Good luck!

Love this! Where did you get the tissue paper, and what is that color called?

Very cool, I love it!




Thank you Lori and Craftmel. :)

So using this for our christmas photo backdrop and party. I love the idea of it. To me, its saying, tropical christmas party! 

This is so pretty! What a fun idea for a backdrop too.

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