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Comments - How To: Make a Modern Geometric DIY Leather Mouse Pad

zouav - This was my first time working with leather as well! What you'll want to look for is "tooling leather", in a pretty thin thickness. Leather thickness is described in ounces/weight -- for a mousepad, anything between 3-5 ounces will be good. I bought the cheapest, smallest piece of 3-4 oz. tooling leather I could find and was able to make three mousepads. I still have some leftover, that I might make into coasters or something else! Anyway, I hope that helps!

Stumbled upon this tutorial through Pinterest, great stuff. Could you give some details about what kind of leather you used for this project? So many to choose from and I have zero experience.

@Melanie I say YES to you making one! YES! Do it. :D

@ck8go Hmm... no? I've had a laser mouse for years and have always used a mouse pad. They don't work well on reflective surfaces, which is why you need one.

I'm saying YES to this project. Yes! I'm also a fan of triangles and black. I need to make this.

Arent mouse pads obsolete in this day of laser mouse technology? I mean, they were really only useful for the roller ball style mouse. Maybe you can spin it as a leather mouse area rug. Or a leather mouse resting station.

Thanks Laura!

So much easier than my leather mouse pad, so cool inspiration, thank you so much!

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