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Comments - Eye Candy: 10 Big Impact Small Bath Makeovers!

I agree with Barb C. We did a bath makeover and what little storge we had was gone, I think the biggest thing in all of the changes was the paint colors. They have done the most. Great job.

Melissa - Of course! You guys did a wonderful job!

Michelle - Wow, what a difference!  Nicely done.  (Love your spray paint/outlet cover idea.)

Thanks for featuring our bathroom!!

Melissa @ Living Beautifully :)

Guys, my makeover should be in this list too! haha I changed my powder room completely and posted it on my Home decor blog! And I know what they went through! It's a LOT of work! So dear curbly readers and curbly writers, feel free to give me your feedback! Thanks everyone <3

I absolutely adore #7 & #9! Phenominal work. Luxury at home, hmmm.


yikes. 3,4,10 are all as HORRIFYING as mine. . I just feel sad because the before-to-after at my house has taken 7 months of DIY guts and finally we are close to the glory! Glad we captured it some schadenfreude video

Agreed that the "after" pictures definitely are more attractive, but their solution often involves the loss of storage space (replacing an outdated vanity with a pedestal sink). I wonder where they put their stuff?

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