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Making a bed more comfortable

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Icon_missing_medium sarog 2 Posts

Hi friends,

I'm a long time lurker and would like some advice. Just got married and my husband and I are having trouble sleeping in the same bed! We're both sprawlers and move around alot. We had a bed frame (simple, IKEA-esque), but got rid of it recently, in an effort to make the bed more comfortable. It's a new queen-sized mattress...Any ideas?


Photo%207_medium bruno 121 Posts

Yuck. I guess I don't have any great advice, except to say that I think everyone goes through a phase like this at some point when getting used to sleeping the same bed with another person. We finally were able to upgrade to a king Sleep-Number matress, and it's awesome! Barring that, I'd say it helps to stay calm when you can't sleep (getting frustrated just makes it worse), and maybe have another bed around for the non-sleeper to move to occasionally to allow the other to sleep.

Profile_pic_medium lilybee 4 Posts

Dunno if it will help but... I found that a bigger, more solid pillow stopped me squiggling around quite so much. I would shove smaller pillows around in my sleep then follow them (ok, possibly T.M.I.). Bruno's right though, sometimes it's just about adjusting.

Star_fish_medium blueberry 1 Post

As Lilybee said , a biger pillow  and a super king bed and a biomag , you just sink in to one even on a hard bed, good luck

Dermal_medium DestinybyDef... 10 Posts

I literally made a wall in between lol. I stuffed a few extra pillows under the bedsheet in the middle of the bed so that I wouldn't roll to his side! it did work, but now I always need to stick a pillow under my higher knee since getting used to snuggling with the mound haha!


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Ask a Question Making a bed more comfortable