Ask a Question Where can I get fabric sample books for free?

Where can I get fabric sample books for free?

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E-bay_pics_014_medium kitty771 2 Posts

Where in the world cna I get fabric sample books for free?

Does anyone have any that they are willing to part with? I'm willing to pay the shipping ( you can stuff a falt rate box for like eight dollars and change.) and delivery comformation and insurance.




Dscn6821_medium Laura 1 Post

Do you want current or discontinued? We have a bunch of discontinued silks and some other fabrics in books, as well as wallpaper books that we're getting rid of. Near downtown Minneapolis, MN.

Icon_missing_medium angelahart 1 Post

HI Laura, I am new at this, and I already tried to email you I am sorry if this is a duplicate. However, I am interested in obtaining wall paper sample books. Do you still have any to spare or know where i can get some? many thanks.

Icon_missing_thumb Lizbeth

Laura- Do you still have fabric sample books you are trying to get rid of? Ilive in Edina and can pick them up.


Icon_missing_thumb Anonymous

Hi, I'd love to acquire one or more wallpaper and/or fabric sample books as well.  I'm in Los Angeles and will even drive locally to pick them/it up. Thanks much! 


Icon_missing_thumb Jill

I have several types of samples that I got from an architecture firm that went out of business: wallpaper, fabric, paint chip sets, tile, rubber, wood.  I got them to use in crafts, but there's way more than I can use.

Email me at


Icon_missing_thumb Eunice Dear all,we are fabric sample book manufacturer . we have many kinds of textile sample books/window covering sample books/waterfall collections and hanger collection.
Icon_missing_thumb Agna Pang

We have books that are you are more than welcome to use -- our specialty is Outdoor furniture and fabrics.  Please contact us ( and as long as you pay for the shipping, thef fabric sample books are all yours!


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Ask a Question Where can I get fabric sample books for free?