4 Design Secrets to Conquer the Tall Wall Challenge

When so many people are challenged with decorating small spaces, it seems odd that there are those who struggle with decorating their great big tall walls. Luckily, there are more ways to capture and utilize that space than hanging a giant quilt way up there.(Don't you love those three poufs?)

1. Shelve it and use your collections as art. Functional, decorative and it pulls the wall into the coziness of the room.2. Play up the height with tall trees, large vases with long and narrow bamboo sticks, tall nature murals. This is using the height as the focal point. This is the best way to 'spin' your design challenge to make it look purposeful.

3.Camoflage with color and fabric weight. Uniformity of color tricks you into not noticing the height of the room. Hang window treatments above the windows frame to make the room align with the feeling of grandness and formality. Choose lighter weight fabrics for a more casual room.

4. Use the tall wall as the focal point. Put a flat screen on that wall, place your headboarded bed on that wall, line up tall bookcases in front of the wall. When the eyes fall on dramatic focal points, there's no room left to critique the extraordinary height in the room.

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Feb 17, 2011:

Bebe-I hear you.

Bebe on Feb 17, 2011:

Tall walls can be highly (heh) overrated.  It's more space to heat, clean, etc. that you can't REACH.  Thanks for this article, it's given me some ideas on what to do with my living room.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Feb 15, 2011:

Ahhh, the luxury of vertical real estate.

Chrisjob on Feb 15, 2011:

Boy, do I wish I had a "tall wall challenge...."

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