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created at: 01/13/2011

During this month of office and workspace related posts, I say we take some time to remember the little guys, i.e. the kids or kidlings as I like to call them.  Because let's face it, they need dedicated creative spaces just as much as the rest of us!  

created at: 01/13/2011

Belinda Graham, whose great wallpaper patchwork desk we featured last week, realized her children's need for their own workspace and decided to carve out a special "creative corner" just for them.

created at: 01/13/2011

After transforming an old children's table and chair set from IKEA with some paint and colorful masking tape (see that project here), Graham set about building a crafty corner complete with shelves for the kids' favorite books, pails for art supplies, and an area to display their masterpieces!  For more inspiration, check out Belinda's full post on her blog The Happy Home.

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Megan T on Jun 21, 2013:

I think it's great to design a space for kids that's all their own. Love using IKEA children's furniture for them too because it holds up but isn't expensive if they do trash it eventually :) 

DesigningMom on Jan 14, 2011:

created at: 01/05/2011

CapreeK on Jan 14, 2011:

DesigningMom - I agree on all accounts!

DesigningMom on Jan 13, 2011:

I think it's so important for children to have child sized furniture and a place to create. I do think they need cushions on the black chairs though. Such a cute area for them though.

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