Desk-A-Day: Alicia's Brand New Home Office

created at: 01/12/2011

Curbly reader and guest blogger Alica Di Raga recently moved into a new townhome, and got the chance to create a totally sweet home office from scratch.

created at: 01/12/2011

She says, "I live in Houston, TX and run Dismount Creative, a company that runs social craft classes (jewelry, fashion and home projects) in bars and restaurants. I also sell online at Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/dismountcreative and blog regularly at http://www.dismountcreative.com/blog. My husband and I moved into a 2.5 bedroom townhouse a few months ago (and Curbly featured my vintage flag decorating project)."

created at: 01/12/2011

"We'd originally planned to get a 3 bedroom and devote 1 of the bedrooms for my studio, but the loft in this slightly smaller place really appealed to me. I love the 3rd floor balcony outside and the bright light that streams in through the windows all round."

created at: 01/12/2011

It doesn't have a door, though, which means I need to keep things neat so I hit up The Container Store and Ikea to get organized. "

created at: 01/12/2011


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elseajane on Jan 12, 2011:

This is really cute. I like the use of pants hangers to hold the idea boards, that's something I'm going to steal. Thanks for shareing

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