2 Pictorial DIY Tips

Well That’s Just Plain Clever of the Day: Folded sticky note = Instant drill dust caddy. [tifi.]

Sometimes diy tips don't need words. Clever, no?     

Or how about this one...a string tied around a faucet. Okay, so it won't fix the drip, but at least its annoying sound won't keep you up at night until you, your plumber or landlord corrects the situation. Re-Nest also suggests using this technique if you're in the habit of turning on your faucets at night to keep your pipes from freezing. 


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elseajane on Jan 14, 2011:

I never finished this post...it should read: when you are nailing. I never know wheremy brain is these days.;-)

DesigningMom on Jan 13, 2011:

Makes you wonder how they come up with these neat ideas, huh?

elseajane on Jan 12, 2011:

I love the idea of the postit. You know if you put two pieces of tape in an "X" it will keep the plaster from chipping.

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