Pure sparkling water maker: Genius or useless?

While perusing Remodelista, we came across this little gadget: the Soda Stream Pure Sparkling Water Maker. Basically, you can make your own sparkling water at home.

It certainly is an unusual kitchen gadget, and so we must ask: genius or useless? On the one hand, as the manufacturer points out, there's a certain green aspect to this: no more using up cans and bottles of soda water (it comes with two bottles). And it doesn't even require electrical power! All you do is fill the machine with tap water and begin pumping.

And yet, unless you and your family are huge sparkling water fans, how much will this really be used? Perhaps if you are having a party, it might come in handy for serving your guests drinks. But at $149.95, it might take a lot of bottles and cans to make up this cost.

Let us know in the comments: Would you spend money on this, or is it another kitchen gadget with limited usage?

Originally published on the MLuxe blog by Berit Griffin



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