Make Mercury Glass

Don't you just love new ways to tart up old glass? I do, which is why this mercury-finish idea grabbed my attention. Bethany has done all the trial and error for us, showing us how to achieve the best results. Here's what she started with:

  • silver leaf
  • adhesive
  • antiquing glaze
  • a sponge brush
  • glass vase(s) with a large enough opening that you can get your hand into it

For the entire tutorial, head on over to Remodel This House.

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elseajane on Jan 11, 2011:

I can't wait to try this. My bedroom has lots of silver stuff and this will add to it. I love mercury glass, but don't want to have much of it around because of all my pets, I'm afraid at least the cats would be to curious and would get into it.

DesigningMom on Jan 11, 2011:

Wow very interesting. I've debated about buying the spray on mirror paint, but this is a pretty neat idea too. More of an aged mercury glass than the spray paint would offer. Neat!

Thanks Maven!

DIY Maven on Jan 11, 2011:

You are very welcome, EJ!

elseajane on Jan 10, 2011:

Great idea and a wonderful tutorial. I've added this site to my favorites so I can follow their progress. Thanks Mave for finding such neat stuff.

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