Joel's Luxury Loft/Desk

created at: 01/07/2011

Seventeen-year-old Joel Vardy needed more workspace at his desk, so instead of expanding out, he decided to build up and take advantage of the high ceiling in his room. He's provided a pictorial of the building process to Lifehacker. The outcome is pretty remarkable, and the fact that it was the product of a seventeen-year-old is even more so. The kid has a future in design, if he wants it. 

created at: 01/07/2011

created at: 01/07/2011

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DIY Maven on Jan 07, 2011:

Thanks Anon for catching that! Big whoops on my part. *blush*

Anonymous on Jan 07, 2011:

I <3 your blog & Lifehacker. I checked the article & the Author of the article is Jason Fitzpatrick but the creator of the loft desk is Joel Vardy. 

Chrisjob on Jan 07, 2011:

Is that a stack of guarano energy drinks!? Ah...seventeen year olds.

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