Roundup: Hip Accessories For A Totally Mod Office

created at: 01/03/2011

I'm a firm believer in the idea that "it's all in the details", which for our purpose today means it's all in the accessories!  If you're ready to rock and roll with some hip desktop doodads, read on.  

created at: 01/03/2011

Wires and cords and cables, oh my!  Fixing the mess just got easier with these handy organizers, left to right: the brightly hued CableBox Mini, self-sticking CableDrops, and the Walnut and felt Juice Box charging station.

created at: 01/03/2011

Mix and match office accessories from the ANYTHING series, a collaboration between UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese firm Suikosha.  I love each piece individually, but as a whole they're totally awesome.  Choose from a desk clock, tape dispenser, scissors, and/or stapler.

created at: 01/03/2011

I don't know about you, but I love post-it notes.  I'm always jotting things down, writing lists, you name it.  So, I love these variations especially.  The Desk-It is a handy 12x3" post-it note available in two styles: weekly calendar or graph paper.  Stick it on your desk or on the bottom of your monitor.  In a word, genius!  The Geometry Post-Its are available in 9 different styles and, if you ask me, are just plain cool.  I'm all about writing a to-do list on a green hexagon.

created at: 01/03/2011

In an office or workspace, we all know that storage is key.  Fortunately there are some great options available that are inexpensive and eco-friendly.  Organixe is a line of FSC-certified cardboard storage solutions made from high-recycled content and printed with vegetable and water-based inks.  It's also highly functional and did I mention great looking?  Form and function for the win!

created at: 01/03/2011

You know what else is key?  Versatility.  File folders one second, then BAM, storage box.  Carry stuff, store stuff, box stuff.  It's perfect.  Almost as perfect as this single piece of felt that transforms into a storage basket.  I'm thinking you could totally DIY this fuzzy little number, too.  What do you think?

created at: 01/03/2011

And finally, everyone needs a place for little odds and ends, which I'm pretty sure is what tin boxes were made for... right?  Now you can get them in an array of Pantone colors for an extra dose of design cred.  While you're at it, toss your loose change (or the odd paper clip - perhaps one of these sweet Numberclips) into this ceramic and wood coin bank.  The slightly recessed top is also a great place for keys, etc.

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DesigningMom on Jan 03, 2011:

Sounds like we come from the same mold. I forgot to mention I too love Post-Its and have so much information on paper here and there that I often say my brain is on paper.

If I ever get around to make the cable drops I'll make sure to post them. Not sure how long that will be. Where I used to say "So many men, so little time" I now say "So many projects, so little time".

Lucky I found a one man that fills all my needs. giggle He even helps me with my projects!

CapreeK on Jan 03, 2011:

DesigningMom - I'm the same way when it comes to scrap paper.  I love post-it notes and always have a small stack in my purse, but I have so many random pieces of paper that I've written important things on, measurements, recipes etc.  It's borderline ridiculous! :)  On another note, I love your idea about using wooden shapes to make your own Cable Drops.  A few of those in walnut.. Mm-mm!  I say go for it!

DesigningMom on Jan 03, 2011:

Wow some great finds Capreek.

I think I'm in love with the Cable Drops and Desk-It. I so want them, but thinking I can make the drops myself our of some wooden shapes I have and I've been working very hard to use scrap paper for notes and lists. There's usually blank space somewhere on any previously used paper. Of course I could always turn these over and use the backs when done with the calendar or graphpaper sides, right?  I mean I do need a new desk calendar..... created at: 01/03/2011

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