The Coolest Midcentury Loft of All Time

Bold statement, I know. But if you've been poring over pictures of the brightly simple, meticulously designed East Oakland loft of artist Dee Adams, you'd say the same thing too.

created at: 12/30/2010

A full-time painter, graphic designer and blogger (she has awesome giveaways, FYI), Dee takes the meaning of live-work loft to a new level. All those paintings on the walls? Yeah, those are her own. And you won't believe the treasure trove of mid-century finds the woman has accumulated. Check out the orange desktop array and vintage lunchbox library below...

created at: 12/30/2010

created at: 12/30/2010

created at: 12/30/2010

And toys! Everything is so lovingly cohesive.

created at: 12/30/2010

created at: 12/30/2010

Fade from red to orange to turquoise to navy...

created at: 12/30/2010

And top it all off with a reading nook. This may come off a bit desperate, but hey Dee, if you're reading, wanna trade lives?

For more, check out Dee's website or photostream on Flickr.

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DesigningMom on Jan 03, 2011:

woW, wOW, WOW! I am so lovin' this loft! A-ma-zing.

BrittanyMauriss on Jan 02, 2011:

Wow... let's talk.

Dee on Jan 02, 2011:

Sure you can pop in and trade me for my place anytime. Actually I'm being quite serious. I take off overseas a lot and my place is empty so if you ever want to crash here for some time, please do.

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