"Once upon a time, there were two Black Fridays [and Thanksgivings]"

Black Friday crowd

Do you know the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second to the last Thursday of November? Would you believe it's because FDR capitulated merchants' appeal in 1939, thereby extending their Christmas advertising period by one week? That's right, President Roosevelt MOVED Thanksgiving from November 30th because of the Christmas shopping season. Some people were so outraged that they continued to celebrate on the 30th, thereby creating TWO Black Fridays. These and other (surprisingly) interesting facts are included in Coupon Sherpa's new post detailing the history of Black Friday

If you're one of the brave souls to venture out in the wee hours of Black Friday, make sure you check out the Sherpa's "Black Friday Boot Camp." Your sanity--and life--may depend upon it!!

(Instead of Ho ho ho, Santa says Hoo-Rah!)

Santa's at Black Friday boot camp


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DesigningMom on Nov 24, 2010:

Black Friday is so not something I ever want to experience. There is no deal that could make me get out of my warm bed, drive into the city, search for a parking space and fight the crowds for something that the receiver probably won't appreciate what I went through to get it for them anyway. I don't do any shopping in brick and motar stores this time of year if I can afford it or to pick up something I ordered online. This is the only way for me to truly appreciate what Christmas is really about.

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