How to Save $$ and Have Fun this Thanksgiving

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Does this sound familiar? You--or somebody you know--spends a lot of time and money on Thanksgiving, invites family and friends to the event and then resents all the time and money they spent on the meal, making their and everyone else's holiday less-than-perfect. (If it doesn't sound familiar, count yourself lucky.) To combat the resentment and to ensure everyone a good time, freshome has come up with a couple of indispensable lists for ANY major holiday that involves vast quantities of food.   

First, saving money tips:

  • Get EVERYONE involved. (aka: Pot Luck)
  • Plan early.
  • Shop non-grocery stores for sales.
  • Simplify your menu.
  • Skip pre-packaged stuff.
  • Don't buy desserts; let the kids make them.
  • Cook less. (Amen, brother.)

For elaboration on each tip, follow this jump.

Second, making-Thanksgiving-more-fun-so-you-can-enjoy-it tips:

  • Accept help from others.
  • If you find a deal, go with it.
  • Plan how your table will look ahead of time.
  • Invite guests early.
  • Asks guest to bring a dish. (Yes, that would be Pot Luck again!)
  • Ask guest about diet restrictions in advance.
  • Plan for kids. (Activity-wise.)
  • Plan seating (and place cards, if applicable) ahead of time.
  • Cook things you can, like sides and desserts, early. 
  • If just these tips stress you out, consider the caterer route or buying ready-made and brining it in.

Again, for elaboration on each tip, follow this jump.

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