Ultimate Thanksgiving: Seriously Awesome Centerpiece Ideas

Ultimate Thanksgiving: Seriously Awesome Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the food, the people, the chill in the air, the song "Over the River and Through the Woods", and the sentiment. There are few things more wonderful than gathering around a table to share a meal with your favorite people in the world. 

Because the dining room table is a focal point for the holiday, I've been thinking a lot about how to dress it up. Below is a collection of inspirations for the celebration. We'll keep this post updated with fresh finds over the next month or so (send suggestions to [email protected] or leave them in the comments).

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The Martha, Martha, Martha Table

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas from Martha Stewart. Who else?

1. This lovely centerpiece was filed under Martha's "Bohemian Wedding Centerpiece" category. I love the fall colors, delicate prints, and the fact that the whole centerpiece is inspired by the embroidery hoop (pilgrims embroidered, right?). Martha used fabric in the hoops, but beautiful paper might also do the trick. Follow this link for the how-to.  

2. The cool tones of this centerpiece remind me of winter. The color palette is simple and crisp, and the branches - adorned with paper blooms and birds - are a delicate touch. For a more autumnal feel, the palette could easily be warmed up through vibrant vases and table linens. 

3. This centerpiece incorporates the very essence of the holiday – a feast. The combination of colorful fruits and vegetable lit with the warm glow of candles is stunning. 

4. Anchoring your tapers inside groups of gourds makes for a gorgeous centerpiece. Did you notice that the place cards rest atop mini baking tins? Oh, the lovely. Follow this link for the how-to on creating tapered gourds. 

5. I've never been moved by the likes of a cornucopia, but they are a Thanksgiving staple. Martha knows her cornucopias, and this one subtly illustrates the bounty of the harvest.  

A Thanksgiving Mish-Mash

A mish mash of centerpiece ideas to spark your Thanksgiving crafting

1. This typography-based centerpiece got me thinking about featuring the things my dinner guests are grateful for in a centerpiece. Printing those sentiments on velum and wrapping them around candle holders would make a centerpiece certain to bring guests together.

2. Do you remember when I was dreaming about a white Halloween? Well, apparently that dream is recurring and has now made its way into Thanksgiving. I have never met a Dwell print that I didn't like, and the tessellating patterns combined with the white pumpkins make the focus of this table the colorful food. I have a major crush on this table setting.

3. My love affair with white continues ... sort of. Initially, this table setting said "winter" to me, but imagine these DIY paper-shredded topiaries all dolled up in browns, oranges, and reds. Gorgeous! For the how-to, follow this link.   

4. These felted acorns from Etsy user AngelDogDesigns would be oh-so-lovely attached to branches, or bundled together in clear-glass bowls.

5. Wheat stalks wrapped in colorful ribbon give a little 'holla to the harvest, and offer the opportunity add a little height to your centerpiece. Imagine several bundles of wheat arranged at different heights coupled with tea lights.  

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Shelly on Nov 06, 2010:

Fruit in baskets on the table looking so natural and deliciouse.

DesigningMom on Nov 05, 2010:

Great inspiration. I like the more natural looking ones the best. Espcially 4 & 5 of the first group and 5 of the last group. Thanks for sharing.

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