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created at: 11/02/2010

Dear Friends,

My big how-to video will be posted on Thursday and I'm so excited to share it with you. Until then, I personally invite you to hit me with you nesting dilemmas. Are there any home decor issues you need a little helping hand with? I'd love to hear and will answer your questions next week.

Feel free to ask about a particular room, color scheme, shopping advice, etc. We'd love to see a photo of the space in question, so please share that if possible.

To enter your question, just type it in the comments below, here. To say thanks for asking, we wanna give you free stuff! Anyone who submits a legitimate home decor or design question will win a free copy of Make It! Secondhand Chic or Make It! Mid-Century Modern, two of Curbly's awesome eBooks that retail for $9.99. Rad, huh?! Just be sure you include a valid email address so we can contact you.

created at: 11/02/2010

created at: 11/02/2010

If you'd like a little home help, ask away!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Crown molding meltdown on Nov 08, 2010:

This is awesome, I hope you or someone can help because I need a fresh opinion! I don't have any photos to show but I probably wouldn't know how to post them anyway. ;-)  My decorating dilemma is in regards to crown molding. Our house has honey-stained natural woodwork throughout. (windows, door frames, doors, baseboards, hardwood floors). We want to add crown molding in at least a few of the rooms. I think it looks so nice and polished. Added bonus that it hides those little paint slips at the edge of the ceiling! But I don't know if we should go with white molding or if we should stain to match the wood color? The ceilings are not high, so I don't want to box it in. . . .  Although I think the only way that would really be a factor would be if we choose something way too thick. The ceilings are white and we can't afford to change that right now. We are also not considering painting the rest of the woodwork white. Would it look too much like an afterthought if the top trim was white? Or could it help open up the top of the room and appear as a nice, separate element from the other wood pieces? The wood trim is really nice but in reality a lot of it gets covered up a bit when the curtains are up, the furniture is against the baseboards, etc. It is nice to have the natural woodwork, a lot of people comment on it because it looks warmer and more natural than white. (I like white trim too, but we happen to have the wood!) I would just love to hear some opinions about this since I keep bouncing back and forth about what would look best. I love doing Google image searches but all of my combinations of how to word the search still seem to yield pictures of either all wood trim or all white trim -- maybe that's my answer, that no one likes to mix the two? Any help or reflections would be appreciated! Thank you! I look forward to some new perspective. 

Luisa on Nov 08, 2010:

First of all I'd like to apologise for my not-that-good English, but you see I'm not a native English speaker, in fact I'm Italian. I have recently moved out the flat I used to share with my uni mates to my first very own tiny flat! I'm quite happy with most of the things in the new house although there's still some painting to do here and there and I need to unpack a few more things, but what I'm finding difficult is to arrange my craft/painting material. I have quite a lot of it! I went recently to the local flea market and I bought a couple of vintage metal tin boxes (they are very plain brown colour - not very exciting) but the size are perfect for some bits and pieces I need to store. My question is: how can I turn those tins from sad army muddy-brown to cosy, pretty and colourful?

Marcia (again) on Nov 06, 2010:

Ps. I promise, I clean the room every week. Sometimes more than that. I do all the laundry, the dishes, and clean the rat cage to try to get rid of ever source of bad-smell. The matress even has a vinyl wrap over it! I'm growing plants in the window, too.

The room does have a clutter problem that I'm trying to get rid of. (I have too much stuff, and my parents won't let me store it in the basement.), But I've tried to store everthing out of the way so it's not all over the floor.

Thanks Meg!

Marcia on Nov 06, 2010:

Hi Meg!

I live in a very tiny dorm room. Something I've noticed in the two months that I've lived here is that, unless I leave the window open, the room begins to smell stale and stuffy. It's bad. The trouble is, I live West Michigan, and we have bitterly cold winters with lots of snow. It's getting to the point where leaving my window open (even durning the day and closing it at night when I'm home) is just too cold to be a long-term solution.

I've tried air fresheners, and while those work for a couple days, they wear out fast and are expensive to buy every week. (Not to mention the packaging waste they create.) Febreeze helps a little. In my dorm, we're not allowed to have candles or incense because of the fire hazard.

How can I keep my room smelling fresh all winter without freezing to death?

Thanks Meg!


Anonymous on Nov 03, 2010:

How necessary do you think headboards are in the bedroom? I can't decide, but think it may just be because I haven't found an idea I really like.  Do you have any good, simple, fun, creative, cheap ideas?  Haha. I've seen a couple options like using paper or large photographs, but nothing really convinces me.  Maybe you could do a video on this?

Emma on Nov 03, 2010:

Hello Meg,

My bedroom walls are made of some sort of panelling/drywall and as the below picture shows they aren't in very good shape. I'm not sure paint alone will cover the cracks and lines and I was thinking of papering with liner paper and then painting over it.

However, I'm not sure this would be the best solution. Any suggestions/ideas would be gratefully received.



Susan on Nov 03, 2010:

Just one question? I live in a 114 year old victorian - very traditional and lovely. My husband loves traditional, National Historic Trust, true to the home's period decorating.  I love eccentric and quirky and bohemian and ecclectic.  How can we make our two very different styles work in our home?  Please send help to supdike122@aol.com (if I send your my home address will you show up and help in real life???)

Alison Becca on Nov 03, 2010:

It's time. Every room in our apartment is decorated except for the office/guest bedroom. The room scares me. Here is why, I have too many large drawings/frames from art school that I don't know what to do with, too many diy art supplies, too little closet space, and the lack of organization makes me feel like I'm trying to run underwater every time I approach decorating the room. Ah!

I'm having problems with your image uploader (and link adder). Here is a link to my pictures!


(I apologize for the iPhone pictures, I read this Get Nested post in bed this morning and excitedly shot these before rushing out the door for work!)

Yes, I'm shamelessly posting pictures of a total mess. I plead for your help! How can I turn that disaster into a functional office and guest bedroom that will wow people with it's style and organization.

Here is a link to my blog post with better pictures of my much-loved salmon orange desk.


Ok I'm going to wait here with crossed fingers and hope that you have some ideas!


Jennie M. on Nov 03, 2010:

I recently redecorated my living room and we also switched all the trim from ugly and overly varnished to a nice light cream color. I really love the simplicity of the bare windows because it showcases all the original trim around them. Unfortunately, the windows on one side of the room get the morning light and the windows on the other side get the evening sunlight. I do love sunlight, but NOT when it's blinding me or my guests while we're sitting on the couch or chairs while trying to watch TV.

As you can see from the picture, the windows are up high and not very tall so I'm not really sure how to cover them. What do you suggest that won't overpower these little windows and will give me the option to block out the sun when it's too strong but also give me the option to have them allow light in the rest of the day? I don't have a preference of buying vs. making; I just want them to fit the style of the room and not be too fussy looking. The only thing I'm really not a fan of are the typical horizontal, aluminum "apartment blinds" (as I like to call them). Thank you so much for any help!!!

Living room east wallliving room west wall

Robert on Nov 03, 2010:

Hi Meg, I have heaps of Lollie, Cookie and old lunch boxs tin in were i store all sort of things in them I've tryed painting them but it just flakes off any other idea on how i can decorate them. thanks Rob


Brenna Banana on Nov 02, 2010:

heya ms.meg-ella, my question is about tiles. we are planning on tiling out kitchen floor and have been arguing about the tile size. do you think larger tile are worth the extra money in terms of look? my husband's argument, is that we will need less tile because they are bigger and that it will look better. i personally don't think it's worth the larger investment because we plan on moving out of here in a year or so.  what are you thought oh wise and chic one? :)

Bev Lowe on Nov 02, 2010:

We are building a new home, my kitchen will be cherry stained cabinets, black granite countertops and slate colored tile flooring. The pantry door has a frosted glass panel and it's right in the middle of the kitchen. The toe kicks on the cabinets will be tile, like the floor. Right now the pantry door is painted white. I want to paint it black (a stainable door was over budget). What would you do???

Jaime on Nov 02, 2010:

Meg, where do I start? I have several design dillemas. I'm selling my house in the spring and moving into a camper so I can travel. My kitchen has 1950s laminate (gold flecked) countertops that are in bad condition and that really date the kitchen (not ideal if you're selling the place). I have basically no money to buy new countertops so would you suggest painting them, installing something cheap over them, creating a concrete countertop....??? Also, we have the same sort of issue with our beat-up interior doors. They are thin, hollow, wood board doors (for lack of a better description). I can't really afford to replace them but I want to make them look nice. My brother has similar doors and he painted them brown and they look good but I wasn't sure if you had a better solution. What paint would work best for this application? Last but not least, I'm going to be living in a tiny camper soon and talk about design dillemas! There is a part of me that is sad about living in a small space because I feel like I won't get to express enough of my creativity. For example, I have a lot of art but I won't have the space to hang it. What should I do with it so that I can still enjoy it.

Thank you Meg!

Heidi on Nov 02, 2010:

On a whim, I bought a jewelry armoire on Craigslist.  I hadn't even heard of them before, but then saw one on the only other home blog I regularly read (Little Green Notebook).  Of course, I went straight to Craigslist, and one was for sale.  It actually is a free standing mirror, that opens to reveal the jewelry compartment.  This was quite a splurge for me (although it was second-hand, so reasonably priced), and I had been using the same college dorm room style mirror since 1992.  In fact, I transported it cross country two times, and was embarrassed for myself when I actually saw that they can be purchased for  about $7.99, so I was due, but I digress . . .  Anyway, the style of the armoire is vintage shabby chic.  This isn't usually my style (I'm more straight lines, etc.) so I sold my dresser and bought a new-to-me one (Craigslist again).  I'm wondering if you think I can match the more ornate, scrolled wood style of ther armoire, but putting some kind of wood molding (decorative stuff) around the perimeter of the top of the dresser, or on the sides, etc.  Do they sell this stuff at the big boxes?  I looked for it at my local ReStore and didn't find anything that I thought would work.  Will I have to nail it on, or can I glue it?  I want to paint it anyway.  Would love your advice on this.  Don't know if you've dabbled in restyling furniture using wooden add-ons.  Thanks for your new series.  I'm really enjoying it and especially like the videos.

Dámaris on Nov 02, 2010:

First of all, sorry if I don't explain my idea correctly (because i'm spanish); I'm living in a rent studio, and i can't make holes in the walls (you say it this way?), so I want to know some ideas to decorate my walls, and put on it some shelves or something. Thanks!!

Brittany on Nov 02, 2010:

I loved all your episodes from decor it yourself, particularly the ones focusing on art.  I like to buy from etsy of course but also like to put homemade things up around the house too.  I would love it if you could made another video dedicated to DIY art.

Also,  I have a massive dvd collection (obnoxious).  Any ideas on how to store them, while still having easy access to them? I have them on a shelf in my living room but I would much rather use that shelf more decoratively than for my movies

Sarah L. on Nov 02, 2010:

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I just moved in to a house and I'm having a difficult time getting my craftroom organized. I have am oddly shaped room, with one side with a compact pace with a partially gabled roof/wall on one side, I need space for my sewing machine, serger, and ironing board, as well as storage for my fabric, yarn, and supplied to created rubber stamps. I was wondering if you had any organizational suggestions, and intersting color schemes for a craftroom.

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(I would like to post pictures, but the image insert/upholder button is not functioning properly, and the browse section disappears when the box is opened.)



Michelle on Nov 02, 2010:

Ahhhh!  I feel so silly asking this this week!  I was actually going to ask you this question this week anyways-regardless of the giveaway!

As you know from my stalker-ish posts on facebook, my daughter, Kayleigh, is obsessed with you.....ok, I am too.  We love you (and Gracie and Milo!).  So, we would thoroughly appreciate any advice you have.  My daughter's just grew out of her crib so we bought a toddler bed from Ikea and her room looks really cute right now.....however, her toys are pretty crazy.  They are all over the place which annoys me AND my daughter (she's a neat freak).  My husband is fixing up my old toy box, but we probably wont have that done until next spring!  What can we do until then?  Right now we have a big box full of stuffed animals and a big tupper ware box with stuffed animals and toys thrown into the closet!

Wendy on Nov 02, 2010:

OK - can't beat free! LOL Here's the question - I have green carpeting in my bedroom - yuk! It's not in the budget to remove it and replace right now - is there something creative I can do to disguise it -

Elle on Nov 02, 2010:

Due to a failing economy I still live with my parents at the age of 27. I've lived in the same small room for 24 of those years. Over time I've learned how to compact everything in a neat, organized but not so pleasantly looking way. My main problem is having an area for my studying, as well as my sewing, and my craft making without my room looking like I'm a pack rat. Really I need to make my room function like a house with many rooms. Have any ideas as to how to do this? (ie: storage, decorating, functionality).

Many thanks!!!

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