PINK kitchens?

pink decor kitchen e1287999886892 How to Cure Your Boring Kitchen with Pink

Pink is not the first color you might consider when contemplating kitchen interiors. Especially Pepto pink like in the kitchen above. (*urp*) But, hey, I'm not a 'pink' kinda gal so maybe I'm biased. How about you? Thumbs up or down on pink kitchens?

pink decor hot pink e1287999244380 How to Cure Your Boring Kitchen with Pink

For more peeks into pink kitchens, visit freshome, and if you like what you see, you can get some tips for adding pink to your kitchen too.

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DesigningMom on Oct 26, 2010:

Oh my gosh Maven, now you have it! The top left picture is very similar to my Mom's kitchen only the wall oven was at the far end of where the dishwasher is and the sink was where the dishwasher is. Other than the refrigerator the appliances where all stainless steel. I guess they didn't have stainless sinks then. Oh there were also upper cabinets around the sink and on that side because the double window was on the wall facing the dishwasher line of cabinets. There was no third wall of cabinets. Just the L shape. Gosh, I'm walking through it in my mind and it's making me so homesick for that time in my life. Those kitchens always bring back the memories of my happy childhood. Very nastalgic. As Bob Hope would sing....Thanks for the memories!

DIY Maven on Oct 26, 2010:

DM--Speaking of 50's aqua, check out these vintage GE metal cabinets. 

DesigningMom on Oct 25, 2010:

I have a friend that once had a pretty pink kitchen that I liked. Personally I think the first one needs more pink to make it work. The second one, in the darker pink, is just an ugly kitchen, but maybe would work if stained and four of the eight brackets were removed. Oh and please remove that chandelier. {{{Shudder}}}

However I do love the 50's pink kitchen Maven. It's adorable! The only thing that could make me love that one more is if it were an Aqua Youngtown kitchen like my Mom's fifties kitchen from my childhood home.

hannah on Oct 25, 2010:

Oh... I'm sure my daughter would love to have that for our kitchen. She's a pink addict. Actually, most of her stuffs are in pink like her hair accessories.

DIY Maven on Oct 25, 2010:

Maybe if it had more of a 50's feel?

bruno on Oct 25, 2010:

Personally, I hate it (although our kitchen was a bright red for a while). I think it could work, though, in the right home and for the right person. 

Johanna on Oct 25, 2010:

To be honest, I'm not really thumbs up on pink anything. Though I will like the color on occasion. I don't think I would make my kitchen pink though. I much prefer soft greens and blues.

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