Living in the movies

If you've never seen design*sponge's ongoing series "living in" you're missing out on some really inspirational and fun posts. In the series, Amy Merrick turns a critical eye to some classic movies and picks out all the luscious design details of the sets and costumes. She then assembles a roundup of items that you can purchase that will transport you into the movie itself. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? It is.   

This week, she did one of my all time, hands down favorite movies, Rear Window. (Can I get a round of applause for Grace Kelly, please?) So, for this installment, she, as always, posts some stills followed by a lovely pictorial of her round up. In this case, to live like Jimmy Stewart, or rather globe-trotting photographer, L.B. Jeffries, Amy offers up this yummy collection of possibilities (the knife cracks me up!):

Don't worry, Miss Grace has her own roundup too. Other movies highlighted have been Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (a few moments of silence for Paul Newman, please), Fried Green Tomatoes, Sixteen Candles, Jaws (JAWS!), The Darjeeling Limited, Stand by Me, The Parent Trap (sans Lohan), Groundhog Day (another one of my all-time favorites) and North by Northwest (ditto) and, and, and...well you get my point. It's a wonderful series, which I hope continues forever and ever, or, at least until Miss Amy does Vertigo. For the entire run, follow this link to design*sponge and get ready to be transported into a different time and existence. 


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