Introducing Curbly's New Series, Get Nested!

Hello, hello! Today, we're super excited to announce a new project that the Curbly team has been working on for the past few months. Beginning October 19th, Curbly will begin a new series of videos, blog posts, and discussions - Get Nested hosted by Meg Allan Cole. Meg is an actress, designer, and DIYer whom you may know from her blog, EnderbyNest, or the Decor It Yourself! series on Threadbanger. 

During this first series, we'll be showing you how to "Get Nested" for that loveliest of seasons, autumn. Check out the video above to see a teaser trailer of what's in store, then head to the Get Nested Facebook page to learn more!


created at: 10/12/2010

created at: 10/12/2010

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Dinah on Oct 14, 2010:

MEG! My nest needs YOU! So happy you're doing new videos :)

Meg Allan Cole on Oct 14, 2010:

Thank you for the warm welcome, Curbly. I am thrilled to be here and can't wait for next week. See you then!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Oct 12, 2010:

Welcome Meg. I can't wait to see what goodies you have in store for the Curbliers, or is that Curbly-ites?

bruno on Oct 12, 2010:

@Kim - it's great you're so excited to have Meg back on the scene! We're excited too. "Get Nested" is just our first attempt at collaborating, and we certainly hope to be able to keep working with Meg in the future. Make sure to spread the word about the series to your friends to ensure we get lots of people to see Meg's amazing projects!

Kim on Oct 12, 2010:

Is this only for fall or is it a permanent show. Because I need Meg in my life and my place needs her. You are amazing Meg keep doing what you are doing!

dragonflower on Oct 12, 2010:

Yay, my dose of Brooklyn!~ Glad to have you back. I love you Meg!~ 

Neal on Oct 12, 2010:

I cannot wait. I love Meg, she has the best projects and ideas.

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