Bathroom Vanity DIY Idea

This showed up on Craigslist yesterday for sale.

The website Vanities of Yesteryear apparently combines old furniture into new bathroom sinks.  Food for thought.  Although I feel mixed about taking a really nice piece of furniture and altering it in that way — but - what a neat idea for something that needs to be brought back to life or is sitting on the curb waiting for you to pick it up and turn it into something new and amazing!

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Kim on Sep 28, 2011:

LOVE THIS... have been remodeling my bathroom and am into the refurbished, recycled, upcycled shabby style and I have just found what I need to use for my vanity/sink. Thank you, love your site.

jasimar on Feb 09, 2007:

Really, with a good enough basin, you could make a vanity out of anything.  I'm waiting for the TV box vanity sink.  Of course, I've been waiting for -years- for industrial/domestic chic.. Old washer/dryer units revamped to store clothing, books, repainted.  The old fridge as an armoire was the only one to make it back, sadly.

Good post though.   

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