Cat Tested; IKEA Approved

ikea cat

Recently, IKEA UK let loose 100 kitties inside their Wembley store. Why? Mostly just for fun, as I can tell. Although, they claim it was an 'experiment'. Either way, it'll surely cause some buzz.    

Watch the kitty hijinks below, and stay tuned through the end for some lovely kitties getting comfy courtesy of IKEA. 


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DesigningMom on Sep 14, 2010:

LOL oh that's so very true! Jazmyn, our daughter's cat and our late precious Max Cat both like sleeping with their heads on the pillow. 

We finally decided we had to keep the door closed and let them finding other places to sleep since my hubby's allergies were acting up.

DIY Maven on Sep 14, 2010:

Oh yes, the cat on the bed situation.... We only have one right now and she still manages to take up half the bed while hubby and I are smooshed together on his side. We're both serious softies so we'll contort ourselves out from under the covers so we don't disturb her, because, god forbid, we mustn't disturb the sleeping cat child! ;)

DesigningMom on Sep 14, 2010:

Oh I love "cat child". I'll have to use that one day. They're still all pretty young. Just a little over three each. None related by blood though. And I don't mean related to me by blood, but to each other. Ha ha. One of them is my Grandcat though. Our daughter lives in Cali and moved in with friends that didn't like having a cat. :^( so our daughter flew her to Omaha for us to pick up at he airport. We'd never met her before so she wasn't quite sure of us until I reached in the carrior and took her out. That made her agree to try and like me anyway. We've had her about a year and a half and she's just now started to kiss me. :^D Even after all those nights I allow her to sleep in our bed, she wouldn't kiss me. Maybe it was because she thought it was my fault her very loud purrs woke my hubby who would gently guide her off the bed while I feigned sleeping so as not to get in "trouble" for allowing her on the bed. She always slept with Katie so she needed a warm human body to feel at home.

Good for you Elseajane!

elseajane on Sep 14, 2010:

" I adore al of mine! And the big ginormus dog too. Todays question on freekibblekat was about this IKEA fun, I got it right! Thanks to Curbly.

DIY Maven on Sep 14, 2010:

I call mine my 'fur baby' too! And sometimes 'cat child'. :)

DesigningMom on Sep 14, 2010:

At first I thought that's just plain crazy, but what fun watching the kitties! I don't think I could have allowed any of my four to be part of it though. Too fearful they may get lost. I'm very protective of my fur babies.

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