Use patterned fabric on your wall

Recently we took down some shelving we had inbetween two IVAR (IKEA) units and replaced it with a band of patterned fabric we liked. This ended up being a great way to accent the room. My wife subsequently used the same fabric to cover two pillows on our couch (adjacent these units) which helps tie the whole thing together. We hemmed the edges, and tacked the top and bottom to the horizontal rods (in our case 1x2 pine) with a staple gun. The fabric cost $10.00 for 2 yards from IKEA, which was enough for the hanging and the pillows. None of this helps us clean up our living room when we're sleepless from a brand new second baby, but it does keep things lookin nice!
Stretched fabric wall decoration.

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baconthecat on Apr 16, 2007:

I've been thinking of covering parts of my apartment walls with fabric for some time (they're white and unsightly, save for where I put up large photo frames), but I couldn't think of a nice, elegant way to do it--thanks for helping me out! ;)

artiswork on Mar 27, 2007:

wow, just got feature at ikeahacker (http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/2007/03/patterned-fabric-art.html) crazy.

ericam on Mar 03, 2007:

I love that! So simple and easy and it's a nice punch of color.

stevenlundy on Feb 06, 2007:

It's like a simplistic tapestry! It will stop the drafts in your castle... umm... living room. Awesome post.

jasimar on Feb 06, 2007:

Fantastic idea!  I have these big empty walls in my living room and nothing to hang.  This just might be the answer for me, too.

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