Unbelievable Tiny Closet Makeovers

Well, let's see...a tiny corner with a door, that's the closet?! Just wait to see what you can do with all those square inches.

Look, there's even a jack near the bottom shelf in case you want to set up your office. (I'm wondering why the outlet and the access box are not in the before photo...hmmmm). It's still inspirational though, don't you think?

See more small closet makeovers right here at BetterAfter.

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Anonymous on Aug 05, 2010:

lots of people use their closets as offices - sounds like your place may have had a business run from it at some point. Great closet - I have a very thin one I'm trying to design right now, it proves challenging!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Aug 02, 2010:

Lindsey-I so wonder why there are sockets and phone jacks all around my nutty house at weird heights and such. Also, I struggled taking a photo this morning in my back bathroom--if you look at today's post, it's the red one. (Yikes!) The hall is so small I couldn't get a good angle and the right light. I just mentioned the jack and outlet box in case a reader wondered. Thanks so much for commenting. I love your blog!

Lindsey@betterafter on Aug 02, 2010:

Thanks for the feature! 

PS: I think the pics are shot at different angles, right side in the before, left side in the after, hence the reappearing outlets!  Although, why IS there a jack in the closet in the first place???!)

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