ANOTHER Un-freakin-believable Re-Upholstery Re-Vamp


Last week we featured a stunning re-upholstery re-vamp, and today we have another that will blow your socks off. Check out the after:   


This one comes to us from CasaSugar's diywithADD, who decided to leave the re-do to a professional. She doesn't say how much the project cost, but having had a sofa re-upholstered by a professional, I'm guessing it wasn't cheap. My 78" long sofa, which I had covered in a fabric that was around 50 bucks a yard, set me back about a grand. A brand new replacement sofa by the same maker would have cost about $2,500.

But now for the BIG question...which sofa makeover do you like better? This week's or last week's?? (I gotta give props to last week's, if for anything else because it was a diy deal. Still amazes me.)


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ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 26, 2010:

Learn to reupholster an arm chair and then you just stretch it out for a loveseat and then stretch it out more for a sofa. Lots and lots of fabric and lots of money if you have to replace the cushions. Is it worth it? Is the sofa made of a hardwood with dowls or dovetail joints? Or, is it a soft wood with giant staples and glue holding it together. Do you like the lines, the proportion, does it fit well in your space? All things to consider. I like both the makeovers.

elseajane on Jul 26, 2010:

Both are beautiful, but I'm going with last weeks. Not only props for the DIY but' I just like the look better.

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