Dip and Walk Wafflesicles


Listen, just melt a saucepan of butter, heat up the maple syrup, make a batch or two of wafflesicles and send the kids out the door. No need for them to sit at the counter chatting about their plans for the day. Get 'em out the door so you can clean up the kitchen and be done with it. Running around the neighborhood with sweet, drippy, sticky waffles on a stick won't pose any problems for your little ones. The Lolly makes four 9.4 inch waffle cones on a stick in just under two minutes. For this luxury, it will only cost you about $894.00.


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ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 12, 2010:

Too bad. I hate it when the smoothie shop goes away. I don't think we have any left around here except my husband and the blender in the kitchen.

Wolk on Jul 12, 2010:

My favorite smoothie shop used to have those for slightly more than I was willing to pay a pop (Belgian, n.: person who won't pay 2.5 euros for a skinny waffle on a stick when there's fat, sugary waffles to be had for 1.5 a bit further down the road). Then they closed the smoothie shop.

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