How to Make CUTE Duct Tape Wallets

Three duct tape wallets

Okay, we've all seen duct tape wallets, right? Can we also agree that most are kind of goofy? I mean, great idea...just, you know, kind of goofy. Well, Monica over at Craftynest has re-defined the duct tape wallet into something that's actually CUTE. She's also re-worked the general instructions to make them easier to follow. Here's the stuff you need to make one:

  • duct tape 
  • craft knife
  • self-healing cutting mat or other cutting surface 
  • credit card/driver’s license
  • 3- by 4-inch piece of clear plastic for ID window 
  • 12-inch ruler with metal edge
  • 45 minutes of your time

... and here's the link to Monica's instructions.

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Marta Ide on Aug 22, 2010:

the link is still bad.


alicia on Jul 11, 2010:

The link is working again. This looks like a cool project, and Monica's instructions and pictures look great!

Anonymous on Jul 10, 2010:

The link is bad :( I'm terribly excited about this, can you fix? :)

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