A peek inside Jeff Lewis's portfolio

created at: 06/02/2010

There's three things I know for sure about Jeff Lewis from Bravo's Flipping Out. 1. He adores his animals, 2. he's a control freak and 3. his designs are gorgeous. Whenever I see one of his completed projects, I get the feeling Jeff might just be my brother from another mother or something. I could move in to any of his flips and feel as if it were designed with me in mind. Oh, Jeff, dear Jeff, if you're reading this, would you do a house for me?? On Bravo's dime, perhaps??? Ah well. We can dream...and here's just a peek into Jeff's portfolio to get us all musing about our potential dream interiors.

created at: 06/02/2010

created at: 06/02/2010

created at: 06/02/2010

(Note the Colbert-esque portrait over the fireplace.)

To read more about Jeff and to hear what he's been up to, including some new and exciting projects on the horizon, visit the Daily Decorator. 


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cherrie on Apr 28, 2012:

hi ( i see you. im sure you hear that alot...just like...i hear you!!!!   its funny cause...i get you. i really laugh...out. you have a very warped sense of humor,dark, but i get it. not too good for me but....alsonot so good for you sometimes. it works for you though. you have a best friend and a love. how could you go wrong when you have that? you cant!!! im sure you willl never see this but i just want you to know...there are very small paople with...very small lives...that think you are pretty great.

hey...im a divooorceeeeeeeee...maybe??? still living with all my stuff i had with him and maybe forever. it has been reallly hard to get by because of that.i mean ...this site ...only allows you so much. i am sorry jeff lewis..for your loose but...we all loose !!! non of us us hae mothers???? non that are alive?

i do ...feel for you  but...you make me laugh like no one, gay man, has !!!

Santillan1 on Apr 14, 2012:

Love your designs, wish you can design my home one day!!!! Biggest wish ever,

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