The 2010 Oscars: Inside the Governors Ball

created at: 03/04/2010

The decor for he after party of all after parties, the Governors Ball, for this year's Oscars will be 'nostalgic nouveau with a postmodern flair'. What does that mean to you and me? Think 1930's 'Streamline Moderne'. The color palette includes 'charcoal iridescent taffeta with platinum and cognac matte satins' with accents of purple and aubergine, complements of the floral arrangements.

As for the eats, they'll be just as spectacular as the decor. Hors d'Oeuvres include mini kobe burgers with aged cheddar and remoulade and black truffle and ricotta cheese pizza among 5 others. One of the two dinner choices is house smoked salmon, potato galette, creme fraiche and baby greens with butler-passed warm brioche. And what dinner would be complete without dessert? None. The most intresting (-sounding anyway) on the menu is guittard l'etoile du nord chocolate sorbet. 

If these glimpses into the party haven't impressed you yet, consider some 'fun facts' event producer of the festivities Cheryl Cecchotto has accumulated. 

  • There will be 1500 guests at the ball.
  • The uniforms of the waitstaff and orchestra were especially designed for the ball.
  • An 18 piece all-female orchestra will entertain the guests.
  • The floral arrangements include flowers that come from New Zealand, Thailand, Ecuador and Holland.
  • 15 pounds of edible gold dust will be used for consumable ornamentation.
  • 4000 mini chocolate Oscars will be available to guests.

All this, of course, begs the question...Recession? What recession??

If you'd like to throw an Oscar party of your own, check out the great ideas at Celebrations. And for a ballot box to play along, visit oscar.org. (My money is on Jeff Bridges & Meryl Streep, & best picture to, of course, Avatar.) What are your guesses? 





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Melissa on Mar 05, 2010:

Thank you for the links, JoAnn! Enjoy the show =)

Anonymous on Mar 05, 2010:

I am outraged! This party is not necessary AT ALL. Thowing a party for people who make movies on the tax payers dime. I Thought California was Broke, but yet we can find the funds for the Mayor and the Governor to throw oscar parties With flowers flown in from other countries????? How about buying the  flowers from the local farmers market or flower merchants in LA.... I am so sick of hearing of the money that is wasted by our Federal and local government. We as california's have been had, NOW what are we going to do about it?

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