Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad

Welcome to Foodie Fridays, a new Curbly series that will be devoted to everything kitchen related! Recipes, hints, gadgetry, vegetable gardening, kitchen design, we're going to cover it all. To begin our exploration into the heart of the home, I can't think of a better topic than condiments. We all have one or two or ten in the fridge. It's the ones we don't remember buying that are the topic for this table: The Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad.     

created at: 02/26/2010

From My (Mayonnaise-3 months) to X (Maraschino-N/A*), 75 condiments are covered. To see a larger image, visit Impact Lab.

*Other N/A's include Cz and Bo. Can you guess what they are???


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Anonymous on Aug 15, 2014:

Honey, 8 months?? Sorry, that' strong. Honey never spoils. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/the-science-behind-honeys-eternal-shelf-life-1218690/

bruno on Dec 30, 2010:

Here's the image at full size (click to expand):

Periodic Table of Condiments

Simon on Dec 30, 2010:

Thanks. That worked great!

DIY Maven on Dec 30, 2010:

Simon--They took it down?! Oh, well, here's another website that has a 'read-able' version. Just click on the image to see the entire table.

Simon Moon on Dec 30, 2010:

The chart is too small to read and I don't see a pop-up larger version.  Is there one available that can be read?

bruno on Feb 26, 2010:


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