What is your mid-century modern style?

Of course, lots of Curbliers identify as fans of mid-century modern. But even withint that set, there are all sorts of trends and movements and aesthetics.

So, what is your mid-century modern style?

I personally like a mix of mid-century modern and other current clean lined elements. There are deals to be had on some vintage mid-century modern pieces, but the more savvy others become, the more expensive they get. Mixing high and low cost items, vintage and new, as well as throwing in some handmade projects, is a great way to keep things stylish AND affordable.

mid century modern design plastolux

In my office/den I have a good mix of these elements. Vintage George Nelson desk with a Herman miller Aeron chair make for a great contrast.

mid century modern design plastolux

It's a little harder to fake the funk on major pieces in your home. We recently acquired this Beautiful danish dresser. Some of the smaller elements around and on your bigger pieces can be low cost. The lamp is from west elm painted orange and the two small vases are from Target.

mid century modern design plastolux

One of my readers sent me a fantastic DIY and room design. Eric Dalpiaz made this killer DIY Modern Sofa, just as cool is his salvaged concrete coffee table. His parents were having their driveway replaced and he had the contractor cut him off a slice. So you put his DIY sofa and a couple of Barcelona chairs with a found piece of concrete you have a great looking room.

mid century modern design plastolux

This image from INTERIOR DESIGN is from Shepard Fairey’s conference room. The table is made up of several sheets of plywood, pair that with several Herman Miller chairs and you have a great mix of high and low.

Stay tuned - Tomorrow I will be sharing some of my past modern DIY projects.

For more ideas on how to use Mid-Century Modern inspired design in your own home, check out Curbly's MCM how-to manual, Make It! Mid-Century Modern.

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Amanda on Jan 26, 2010:

love the artwork in the first picture!

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2010:

I would love to have plans for the sofa!

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