Unbelievable Master Bath Makeover

Tub Before

This master bath re-do is more miracle than makeover. Carpeted bathrooms are one thing...but carpeted bathTUBS???

Here it is after. Seriously.

Tub After

The 'before' shower wasn't much better.

Shower Before

Again, an 'after' for which to die. Remarkable.

Shower After

Check out more pics and deets at Southern Living.

(All photos by Laurey W. Glenn.)

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Ivriniel on Jul 25, 2014:

Can you imagine what was growing in that carpet underpaid after all these years? *shudder*

Leslie on Mar 26, 2013:

I think the window is a reflection based on the position over the hose that you can see "under" it.  If it were a window the hose would be over it.


DesigningMom on Jan 12, 2010:

Boy you can't even say from drab to fab because that bath was worse than drab. What a change! I'll take that shower if the window wasn't there. I don't care if it was frosted or got fogged over. Just not into windows in showers. And if you read the glass house you'll already know that.

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