Build a Wine Rack Table - Table 00005

This plan (my wife's favorite!) guides you in making a side table which can hold up to eight bottles from one 4x8 piece of three-quarter inch thick plywood.

This modern table can be also be used to hold wine glasses or books, perfect for entertaining. The table is simple to make, stylish, and can be made with only a jigsaw and drill.


Width 28"
Height 39 1/2"
Length 16"

Main Tool: Jigsaw and Drill

Main Supplies

Plywood - 4' by 8' 3/4" thick ~$20
Dowel Pins - Pack of 50 ~$3

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bruno on Jan 23, 2007:

I just stared playing with SketchUp, and though I have zero CAD experience, I found it pretty easy and fun. Also, they let you download models from their huge 'warehouse' of designs, which makes learning easier.

PlanCanvas on Jan 23, 2007:

I use TurboCAD to model and render the images.  I use the CAD program to design the furniture, then build prototypes.  After the design is OK to go, I create the plans using Open Office and GIMP using the CAD renderings.  If the prototype ends up looking nice, I'll use the picture of that instead of the renderings.

I haven't yet tried Google Sketchup, but I hear that it is a very good tool!

Any critiques would be appreciated!!

bruno on Jan 23, 2007:

Do you use Google Sketchup to make your renderings?

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