DIY: Tiger's Advent Calendar Golf Bag

created at: 2009/12/08

Well, somebody had to do it.

Read on to see what lurks behind the flaps of Tiger's golfbag to date...

created at: 2009/12/08

Each pocket contains some "alleged" aspect of this deep and dramatic December.

1. Rachel Uchitel

2. Jamie Grubbs

3. Kalika Moquin

4. Jaime Jungers

5. Mindy Lawton

6. Cori Rist

7. Holly Sampson

8. Unidentified British reporter

9. Nobody knows yet

10. Wrecked Escalade

11. Gloria Allred with Rachel Uchitel

12. Cell phone

13. Tiger's signature

14.  Ambien

15.  $$

16.  Vegas sign

17.  Tool Academy

18.  A sad Tiger

19. Pre-nup

20. Perkins

21 SNL

22. Tabloids

23. Oprah

24. Tiger's house

Unfortunately, I just didn't have room for a photo of the Physics book.

Photo Images: TMZ



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ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 09, 2009:

Tony-combining crafting and what's in the news--I did preface everything with "alleged". No offense intended.

Tony Bullard on Dec 09, 2009:

This is just pitiful.  Not what I'd expect from Curbly.  Should I expect more low brow, celebrity gossip posts in the future?

grüner tee on Dec 09, 2009:

Golfbag looks awesome. Nice idea. I appreciate the art.

miyakayusheto on Dec 08, 2009:

i like it..you're so artictic!

can you teach me how to do iy?

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