Make It! Mid-Century Modern Giveaway #3

In this, the final and grand-daddiest giveaway of our “Make It! Mid-Century Modern” release party, we’re giving away an Alexandar Girard-inspired ottoman. That’s right – an ottoman! This beauty was hand-made by ModHomeEcTeacher especially for the book, and now you have a chance to own it. She describes it like this:

created at: 2009/11/30

The 24” round ottoman stands 15" high on sturdy shiny chrome legs. Constructed from reclaimed wooden circles and rescued new foam being disposed of by a furniture company, this five button ottoman covers all the bases with mid century style and modern sensibility.






CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT "Make It! Mid-Century Modern"

To win this delicious ottoman, which is just one of the twelve MCM how-to projects you’ll find in “Make It! Mid-Century Modern”, you’ll need to do one or more of the following:

- Leave a comment below saying where and how you would use the ottoman.

- INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING by including in your comments a link to a tweet or blog post you make telling people about this contest (must link to this page).

Sunday at midnight (CT) — that’s December 6th, 2009 — we’ll gather all the entries, including those in the comments here AND those on your blogs and in your tweets and pick a winner. So what are you waiting for? Enter today!!!

More photos for you ottoman-lovers out there:

created at: 2009/11/30

created at: 2009/11/30

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jennifer on Jun 30, 2010:

we just purchased a mid-century modern ranch.  Not much money left for furniture!  This would be super cool by our wet bar!

bruno on Dec 07, 2009:

Congratulations to Jess, who got her entry in at the last minute and managed to win the Girard-inspired ottoman giveaway by random drawing!

For everyone else, you can get all the detailed instructions on how to make your own by purchasing a copy of "Make It! Mid-Century Modern" (only $9.99)!


created at: 2009/12/07

bruno on Dec 07, 2009:

Thanks everyone! This giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned; we'll announce the winner shortly. While you're waiting, why not pick up your copy of Make It! Mid-Century Modern? It's available now!

LesleySW on Dec 06, 2009:

I adore this ottoman. The fabric is stunning. I would use it on my enclosed porch, which I recently have redecorated. It would look amazing there!

Jess on Dec 06, 2009:

Wow! I love this ottoman. If I won I would put it in my living room infront of some chairs I'm reupholstering right now.

If I don't win, I might have to try making this myself. :)

Here's where I posted to my twitter: http://twitter.com/jessplease/status/6401798869


nikki on Dec 05, 2009:

I would use this amazing ottoman in my new living room to bring all the bright solid colors together.

B on Dec 05, 2009:

This would look amazing in my brightly colored living room! This ottoman is definitely me.


I can't wait to buy the book and tackle some mid-c projects!


Here's a link to this from my blog: http://benita.tumblr.com/post/270743628/make-it-mid-century-modern-giveaway-3-curbly-diy#disqus_thread

dymphna on Dec 05, 2009:

i would use it in my bedroom. I have a dark brown wicker chair in the corner and would love to set this ottoman right in front of it so i can kick back and read or craft. I love the colors of the fabric.

Jackie on Dec 05, 2009:

I am living alone for the first time in my life and this ottoman would brighten up my living room and be the bestest place to put my feet up.

Kristin on Dec 05, 2009:

Got a similar color scheme in my living room, it'd be perfect.

Kristin on Dec 05, 2009:

I'm down!  I'm a sucker for pin legs!

Janet on Dec 05, 2009:

This ottoman would be perfect as a cocktail table, with a round tray on it and my morning coffee. Love the 

warm colors and Girard-style fabric. 

Megan on Dec 04, 2009:

What a beautiful piece. It fits my colorful home and would look great in my living room, especially with my feet on top after kicking off my shoes at the end of a long day of teaching with the day's NYTimes. Can't wait for the mag! Thank you!

Stevie on Dec 04, 2009:

I'm so excited about this ottoman, it's so beautiful! It would match the color scheme in my living room perfectly, which was just newly painted last week by my loving (and very patient) husband.

foobella on Dec 04, 2009:

um. I just bought a condo and that is the perfect ottoman to match the style of decor, retro, that I am going for. I don't like coffee tables but I gotta put up my feet, man! Pretty please

alison on Dec 04, 2009:

Great ottoman!

I'd use it in my living room with my new couch. I have an really sweet ottoman I made myself, but it isn't really fitting in with the change of scenery in the living room so I'd like to move it to another part of the house and this would be a perfect replacement.

Allison W. on Dec 04, 2009:

I would put that right in front of my couch and just put my pretty feet up.

jen on Dec 04, 2009:

i've been searching for the perfect ottoman to use while working in my "office". since i've forsaken my desk, i need something to elevate my feet so i can sink into my lounge chair and really get to work.

Anonymous on Dec 04, 2009:

I LOVE this ottoman!  Perfect blend of colors and would look amazing with my orange B&B Italia couch that I "inherited" from my boss!

T on Dec 04, 2009:

I will use this ottoman in my bedroom to add a splash of style and color.  We're starting from scratch with no furniture at all in our mid-C home, purchased earlier this year.  This piece will inspire our goal of decorating with a Mid-C modern flavor throughout.  I can't wait to get my first issue of the mag!

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