Students of Architecture See Marvelous in the Mundane

These are perfect examples of utilizing the mundane for extraordinary effect. First up, architecture student Michelle Nicholls saved up foam vegetable trays and turned them into 3D art.

Kayt B. found a pile of drawers sans dresser on the street and mounted them to a wall. The result an art installation cum storage facility. 

Lauren Chapman saw light bulbs and thought 'candleholders'. 

And finally...my fave...this puff of a chandelier, created by Tyler Velten, is made of plastic grocery bags draped over 11 watt light bulbs. There's a wire mesh basket around each bulb to keep the bags from coming into contact with them. Extraordinary.

Follow this link to a slideshow of more inspirational ideas.

Photos by Phil Mansfield for the NYT.


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DIY Maven on Nov 18, 2009:

Jeromy--no problem!

jeromy on Nov 18, 2009:

Could we please have the description for the second photo changed (read Kayt B. description).



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