Before/After: Greasy Green to White Matelasse

created at: 2009-10-29

In order to save big bucks this time around, one of my Beginning Upholstery students picked up this greasy green La-Z-Boy swivel rocker in hopes of transforming it into a pristine white matlasse' nursery rocker for her 2nd baby. She was well aware of all issues surrounding white, newborn baby and the amount of time spent in the rocker. See what you think of her first big upholstery project which she took home just one week before baby arrived. 

created at: 2009-10-29

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Nov 02, 2009:

Anon-I'm dying to email her and ask her out it's holding up. Just pick something really easy to start with.

Anonymous on Nov 02, 2009:

i'm so impressed!  I've been dying to start my first reupholstery project, but I'm too terrified to cut into the expensive upholstery fabric!  If someone with pregnancy brain can do it, maybe I can too (??).  This white rocker turned out beautifully!  I hope it stays spit-up free for a while!

DesigningMom on Oct 30, 2009:

WOW That's a lot to tackle when nine months pregnant. Way to go Mommy!

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