The Letters Bookshelf.

letters bookshelf Letters Bookshelf by Pieter de Leeuw
2009 has seen plenty of typography inspired design, from vintage sign lettering to bold alphabets in prints and wall decals. So, it certainly makes sense to take the trend full circle, and use letters to support literature, the very records of language. Designed by recent industrial design graduate Pieter de Leeuw,  the letters are made from expanded polystyrene and coated for wear and tear. A remake should be easy enough, provided you can get your hands on the right materials and support it well.

On view at Utrecht Verplettert.



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createcass on Oct 25, 2009:

This is cute, it kind of reminds me of the Soul Train Scramble Board.  I know for sure you don't know what that show was but it was a popular show from the '70's.  Kind of like th Black American Band Stand, for lack of a better discription.  Ok enough TV History, the book shelf is cool, funky, and has sooooooul ( you have to make like a howl sound when you say it). 

Love this post.

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